Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Estimates for FY Q4 2012

Apple reports earnings after the close on October 25th, a Thursday, which is unusual.  The world is trying to guess, "Why Thursday? It's usually Tuesday..  I don't care.

The numbers:
Revenues:  $39.82 b (41%YOY)
Earnings:    $10.67    (51%YOY)
iPhone unit sales: 25.5m (49%YOY)
iPod unit sales:   6.0m  (-9%YOY)
Mac unit sales:   5.25m (7%YOY)
iPad unit sales:  21.5m (93%YOY)
GM%: 42.25%

What I care about is that Apple keeps growing, and by growing, I mean growing their installed user base.  I'm talking about getting people (like me) hooked on the cloud.  Why do I say "like me?" Because I'm just a regular old Joe.  I wouldn't consider myself a fanboy.  I just like stuff that works and makes my life easier.  I like being able to take a picture with my iPhone, then the next day, while using my iPad in a meeting, I can show a colleague the picture on my iPad, and I never even gave one thought to syncing.  I'm taking meeting notes on my iPad, and later on I'm out in the field, and I can quickly reference my notes (any note) on my iPhone if needed.. again, no syncing - it's just there.  Yes - I love it.

Not many people read this blog, but a few people do, especially around earnings time. I average about 1,000 hits a month, and that doubles around earnings time. Investor's are hungry for information. Whoever you are, thanks for stopping by, you make me feel relevant.

Investors want to know what Apple will report on earnings day, enough so that they even come over to my little corner of the internet.  This is kinda like my little front yard that I keep manicured, just my little plot of land that I'm responsible for.  One of the reasons that I do this is literally because I'm trying to prove that a layman like me can come closer to the numbers than wall street can.  Also by participating, and actually publishing my predictions, it forces me to become something of an Apple expert. This summer, my friends and family were asking me questions like:

When will the next iPhone come out?
Is there going to be a smaller iPad?
How does iCloud work?

Asking moi?
Like I am an expert!  I'm not.  I'm merely a person that is very informed because my entire investment portfolio is 80% Apple.

No one ever asks me how many iPhones Apple sold.
No one ever asks me what the EPS will be
No one ever asks me how much revenue Apple will generate in Q4.

What's my point?  Regular people just do not care about the financials until Apple hits a milestone like 500/share and it's all over the news.. Then everybody at work is talking about it.  The common phrase I hear is - Apple's at 500 a share!  I wish I owned the stock!  It's too late now!  I wonder how my 401k is doing?  Believe me when I say that I am grinning ear to ear when I hear these conversations knowing that I originally got in at 44 share.  Do I brag?  Sometimes..  not much anymore - no one cares really. Am I bragging now?  Hell yes!  I hope you own Apple too.  Yes the price has dropped 70 pts lately.  But like my good friend Robert Leitao says:  "It's earnings that drives the share price"  Yes it's tough to take these 70 point drops when I'm 80% invested, but I have to remember that 1 year ago,  October 10, 2011, sitting on 379/share, I was dreaming about 650 / share, and here we are at 640.  65 points down from the all time high, holding a 15 PE.. Amazing.

With the iPhone 5 launched,
The rumored iPad mini on the way (I believe this is true),
An earnings call in 2 weeks,
The Holiday quarter coming up,
China and the rest of the BRIC's yet to be conquered,
and Android market share to grab,

There is just no way that I'm getting out.  Unless Europe  does totally collapse or someone nukes their neighbor... Oh, and let's not forget the US' fiscal cliff.  If I have to, it's 2 quick trades and I'm on the sidelines, and you know how fast that can be done.

Back to the numbers (now that I've finished my diatribe)

Revenues:  $39.82 b (41%YOY)
Last years Q4 was a huge disapointment to the world, yet it was 39% growth.  My call is the same percentage growth, but this time the shock will be muted because the expectations are not as high.
Earnings:    $10.67    (51%YOY)
Last year was 52% growth and again a huge shocker to the world - The sky was falling!  Yet here we are 1 year later, 250 points or so higher. The world doesn't feel better, but I do.
iPhone unit sales: 25.5m (49%YOY)
Last's years growth was 21%.  I'm doubling up to 49% growth based on last years number being so low, and this year's sales positively affected by the launch of the "5" in September.
iPod unit sales:   6.0m  (-9%YOY)
Sticking with my slow decline due to cannibalization. The iPod's are now the greatest and most coveted gift for a child for the holidays.. We will get back to the 15 million range for Q1.
Mac unit sales:   5.25m (7%YOY)
Even with iPads cannibalizing Mac sales, we still see 7% growth.  Mac grew 26% last year, but only 2% YOY last quarter, I'm bumping it up to 7% growth based on back to school sales, with the cannibalization factored in.
iPad unit sales:  21.5m (93%YOY)
This amazing device is continuing the explosive growth. Last Q4 was 171% growth YOY.  We will stay in the 100% range of growth through 2013 in my opinion..  Yes thats right, I'm calling this one right now.  Next year, Q4 iPads will be 40 million sold.
GM%: 42.25%
Same as last quarter and a little higher than last year..  The margins were higher earlier in the Fiscal year, but with all of the re-tooling for the iPhone 5, and the alleged start up manufacturing of the mini, the margins will stay in the 42% range.

If my numbers seem a little more conservative than usual, it's because they are.  I have been too high on my last few quarters, and I'm trying to tone it down a little..  This really is not easy, but it's fun trying. Hopefully one of these days, I'll nail the darn thing.

Last but not least, I reiterate my $910 one year price target that I published on August 19th, 2012. (For September 1, 2013.

Thanks for checking out my tiny little corner of the internet.

Dennis Hildebrand - Still long AAPL

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Braeburn Group 1 year price target

I belong to a group of independent Apple analysts called the Braeburn Group.  Every quarter we publish a new 12 month price target.  This is an average of the analysts that participate.  Here's the link. My personal 1 year target is still 910, which is documented on my last post.

Just for fun, let's review my prediction on May 29th 2012.  I posted the following price targets on that date:

Sept 1 - $46.24 = $624.24 (13.02)
Dec 1 -  $54.69 = $738.31 (15.50)
Mar 1 -  $63.32 = $854.82 (22.50)
Jun 1 -  $69.02 = $931.77 (18.00)

What was the price on May 29th? - $574.00 at the close.  We closed on Sept 1 at $668.60.  I missed by 42 bucks / share, even a mega bull like me was caught off guard with the huge run up in the last few months.

Weird - TTM earnings are at 42.55 - Missed that by $3.69 lower, but the share price is higher. I just didn't expect the PE expansion to be like this..  I hope this is a trend that continues..

Here's some more fun - On September 30th 2010,  with Apple's share price at $283.75, I posted that Apple's share price would hit 400 / share by January 2012.  Closing price on January 3, 2012 - $409 / share.. not bad for an amateur.

I will keep checking in to see how my May 29th targets fare, even though I adjust / update as the year progresses.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My September 1 2013 share price for Apple

Today TTM earnings are at 42.55
Apple will grow earnings 53% to $65.00 TTM earnings at Sept 1, 2013.
Current PE is at 15.23
I’m giving Apple a PE of 14 on Sept 1, 2013.
$65.00 x 14 = $910.00 - That is 40% share price appreciation to go with 54% projected earnings growth.

My share price projection for Sept 1 2013 = $910

This feels somewhat conservative, but it feels right.  What’s amazing to me is the fact that Apple reported a disappointing Q3 quarter in most people’s eyes, but here we are 1 month after reporting and sitting on the all time high, and MAJOR MAJOR catalysts right around the corner.  There have been media reports that Apple will sell 250 million iPhone 5’s, and with the iPad mini coming on board before Christmas….  well, let’s just say The immediate future is bright. 

For Q4 - my rough numbers are:

iPhones = 23.5 million
iPads = 20 million
Macs = 5 million
iPods = 6.5 million
iTunes / software = 3.5 million
Rev = 38.25 b
EPS = 10.56

iPhones - This is based on 2 weeks of iPhone 5 sales to boost what will be viewed positively - based on woeful 4S sales and overall number greatly lifted on what I hope will be documented iPhone launch sales records reported.

My FY13 Q1 projections remain the same:
72 billion rev - 22.50 EPS (57 million iPhones / 33 million iPads)

FY13 Q2 - 18.00 EPS
FY13 Q3 - 14.00 EPS

I’m figuring sequential decline from Q2 - Q3, based on what happened this year, however that could change based on what occurs with iPad mini, iTV, iWallet etc etc. - My numbers above assume none of that.

Thanks for checking in and let me know what you think.

Dennis Hildebrand

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A huge miss for Apple, my cronies, and me

Apple's numbers came in yesterday, and if you are reading this, I'm sure you know what they are - My reaction in bits and pieces over the last 27 hours:

My initial reaction is one of shock.  I did not believe that reporting an E.P.S below $10 was possible for Q3 12.
The fallacy in my individual thinking is that I did not (again) factor in anywhere near enough “end of product cycle slowdown”  for the iPhones.  I have to re-evaluate my analysis, and put a much heavier weight on this when it happens again.  And with the guidance of 34b and $7.65, I can absolutely expect a post October launch of the iPhone 5.

The upside to the guidance being that low, is that we (I) can now manage a more realistic set of expectations.  This all points to a Q1 that will be incredible, and it presents an amazing buying opportunity for those of us that believe.

More perspective:  It seems as if Apple is content in being the “tortoise” to Androids “hare” in this race for global market share.  Long run, this will pay off for those of us that are patient, I believe.  With the eco-system in place, and the best products available, they will grow their marketshare slowly.  This might be a good strategy, it’s the quality of the products that will win this race.  I will admit to feeling some frustration over Apple being slow to launch their biggest revenue product in their portfolio.  Again the upside here is the build up of pent up demand, that Apple seems to always do.

On the surface, it appears that Samsung/Android has a leg up, but the “tortoise” approach could prove to be successful when looking long term…. more to come

Wednesday 5:20pm
It’s now been over 24 hrs since the earnings report, and given time to absorb the information, and I have deliberately not been reading blogs, articles, opinions, and reactions so that I can clear my mind of clutter and of others opinions.
I’m going over my models for Q4, Q1, Q2, and Q3, and have radically changed my views to the downside which doesn’t mean that I’ve turned into a bear, it’s more of coming down to earth, and realizing that Apple is going to move at their own pace, instead of everybody else’s pace, or even better, my expected pace.  The bottom line is they are still growing.  The other bottom line is Q1 WILL be a monster quarter. 
Apple’s guidance was so low, that I’m moving my EPS down to $9.00 for Q4 - Yes - the 3rd sequential decline in a row, but 20% YOY increase.  In Q1 I’m staying with 22.50 EPS, but I’m going to model the same percentage sequential declines in EPS in 2013, that we are experiencing now.  I’m expecting a yearly EPS at the end of Q3 of $61 and a PE of 14 with a new price target of $854 / share on Sept 1 2013.
This is far lower than my previous model, and represents my radical shift in my mindset of what was once over exuberant, to now just plain bullish on the company and the stock.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Q3 2012 Estimates

iPhones - 32,000,000
Macs - 4,620,000
iPads - 21,000,000
iPods - 6,500,000

Total Revenue: 42,231,100,000
EPS: 12.82 
Gross Margin: 46.0%

The above are my estimates for the June quarter for Apple... I submitted them to the Braeburn group yesterday evening.  When the average is published, I'll post a link here.  My Highlights:

Revenue 42.231 billion 

This is only a 48% YOY increase in performance.  Last year at this time, Apple posted revenue of 28.571 billion.  The last 4 quarter YOY percentages are: 82% - 39% - 73% - 59% 

That 82% was last year's Q3.  If we were to see a performance of 82% revenue growth again this Q3, we would be at 52 billion in revenue..  52 billion revenue in one quarter will happen - but not until Q1 13, but it won't be 52 billion - It will be 70 billion and that equates to 56% growth YOY.  That's about how I see the YOY revenue growth for a while, settling in at the 50% range, which is nothing to sneeze at when you are talking about this size of number.

EPS - 12.82

65% YOY growth. Compared to prior quarters, this is actually conservative. I'll go back 8 quarters on this one starting with Q3 10. 75% - 68% - 75% - 92% - 122% - 52% - 116% - 92%.  The only EPS percentage below 65% is the Q4 11 miss due to the delay of the iPhone 4s. I have no problem with 65% YOY growth, and I'm confident this will be achieved.

iPhones - 32 million; Revenue = 20.672 billion

32 million represents 57% YOY growth, and -10% sequentially.  The growth in this category is moderate (historically speaking) due to potential buyers holding off for the much anticipated iPhone 5 with 4G LTE.  In Q4, we will be lucky to see this number if the 5 doesn't launch until October.  We can only hope for an early September launch to boost the Q4 iPhone numbers, while staving off the Android / Samsung onslaught. 

Macs - 4.620 million; Revenue = 5.913 billion

17% growth YOY, and 5% sequentially.  The upgrade of the macbook line will help this category, these growth rates are typical of the Mac line of computers, unlike the rest of the PC makers flailing 
around in single digit growth, if not negative growth, due to the popularity of the iPad.

iPads - 21 millionRevenue = 11.025 billion

Apples first 20 million iPad unit quarter should happen right here, with a total units sold of 21 million. With an average ASP of 525 due to the high demand of the iPad 2, total revenue will be just over half of what the iPhone produces.  Apple most likely won't break out these numbers, but I believe that Apple will sell 7 million of the lowest level iPad 2.

iPods - 6.5 millionRevenue = 1.020 billion

The iPods continue to decline at -14% YOY, but are still big sellers for children that are not yet old enough to have a phone.  We are truly raising the "APP generation".  10 years from now, when the world's 8 - 10 year olds are 18 - 20, the App TV generation should be in full swing, with Apple TV fully integrated into people's lives as buying content ala carte becomes the norm. 

Peripherals - Revenue = 600 million 
Software - Revenue = 800 million 
Music / Other - Revenue = 2.2 billion

Above is the rest of the revenue story, with Music / other actually eclipsing iPod revenue, which I believe is going to be an even bigger story in the years to come, due to iCloud, and total convergence when iTV finally arrives.  I haven't got the numbers in front of me, but I plan my next post to be about the growth over the last 5 years in this category, complete with YOY percentages.

Fiscal year end:
Revenue = 170 billion 
EPS = 52.49

I revised EPS downward from my price projection post, due to the iPhone 5 most likely NOT launching until October.  Obviously if I hear otherwise, I will move back to 54.69. 

I am long AAPL

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1 year price target - June 1, 2013

The Braeburn group, which I am an active member of, is publishing a 1 year price target average..  This will be an average of the participants that want to participate in the PPS projection..  The following is my post within that group.

Here’s my projection…  I’m basing my numbers on a 13.5 PE assumption.  The following numbers are starting Sept 1, 2012..  The pattern that I am projecting for each quarter is for PE expansion before and after earnings, followed by compression at the 2/3 quarter mark - down to 13.5. 

13.5 PE might be conservative, but recent history has shown this to be the case, especially with the heavy manipulation by the institutional investors.. the big boys if you will.  The reason I claim manipulation is simple:

The stock ran like hell all the way up to 644 / share.. before earnings.  Then it drops to 530..  All in a short span of time.  644 = a PE of 18…  Then the stock falls all the way down to 530 for a PE of just over 12 bucks..  I don’t see the stock moving like that for any other reason than institutional investors getting involved in a big way.  Mainly because, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Apple.. With my earnings projections, I see Apple at $931.77 on June 1, 2013

Here is the earnings breakdown, quarter by quarter, beginning on Sept 1, 2012, followed by the price with a multiple of 13.5, and finally in parenthesis my quarterly earnings target.

Sept 1 - $46.24 = $624.24 (13.02)
Dec 1 -  $54.69 = $738.31 (15.50)
Mar 1 -  $63.32 = $854.82 (22.50)
Jun 1 -  $69.02 = $931.77 (18.00)

$530.12 is the "post earnings" low this quarter.. (12.9 PE) I’m saying that the same type PE compression will happen each quarter, of course it won’t happen exactly like that, but this is what I’m using as a guideline. As I write this on May 29th, we are sitting on $572.27 with a 13.94 PE ratio..  I’m using this formula for each quarter to come up with my final 1 year target of $931.77 on June 1 2013.

Additional highlights:  I’m projecting 55 million iPhones, and 33 million iPads for Q1 13…  Revenue comes in roughly at 71 b, when you add 12 million iPods and 6.5 million macs.
I’m counting on the usual catalysts that are discussed all over the web.

Mac refresh and continuing to grow at a 17% average for a full year
Continued iPad domination
An Amazing iPhone 5 rollout - (Oct 1)
China / Asia Pacific explosion.
No TV in 2013, but I believe it will happen by mid 2014..

I will post the Braeburn group average for PPS on June 1 2013, right here, just as soon as it's published. Come back around June 5th or so..

I will have my June quarter estimates up by Friday, June 29th.

I will post the Braeburn group June quarter consensus as well, when that is published..  Look for that in early July. 

Thanks for reading,
      Dennis Hildebrand

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preliminary Q2 numbers

iPhones - 38,500,000
Macs - 4,750,000
iPads -13,750,000
iPods - 7,500,000

Total Revenue: 44,065,000,000

EPS: 13.11 

Gross Margin: 44.4%

Apple will be reporting the numbers again around the 3rd week of April as usual.  We at the Independent AAPL analysts are getting our spreadsheets ready.  This is my second go round this quarter.  I started with iPads at 12 million a month ago, but I just bumped that up to 13.750 based on the aggressive rollout, and the Tim Cook factor. I also bumped up my iPhones estimates by 1/2 mil.

Now that Tim Cook is unabated by Mr Jobs - I mean that respectfully - I believe that we are going to see even more aggressive growth.  Mr Cook, in his own words, will continue to "make big bets" on the ramp up to product launches. It seems that even the mighty Mr Cook can't bet high enough for the mass hysteria to an Apple product launch.

In going through the numbers in Q2: 

  • At 38.5 million iPhones shipped the YOY growth comes in at 106% and sequentially up 4% - Last years growth percentages were 113% and 13%.  The Q1 numbers this year, were such a massive blowout, that I'm taking the sequential percentage number down a skosh.  Last year in this period, we sold 18.6 million iPhones.  For FY 12 - I'm at 150 million iPhones shipped (+108%)
  • MACs at 4.750 million is 26% YOY growth, and -9% sequentially. Last years total in this time frame was 3.760m.  For FY 12 - I'm at 20.45 million MACs shipped (+21%)
  • iPads at 13.750 mil - thats 193% YOY and -11% sequentially. For FY 12 - I'm at 62 million iPads shipped (+92%)
  • iPods at 7.5 mil.  Thats -17% YOY and -108% sequentially. For FY 12 - I'm at 34.5 million iPods shipped (-18%)
  • Revenue at 44.065 billion is up 79% YOY and down 5% sequentially.  For FY 12 - I'm at 182 b (+68%)
  • EPS at 13.11 is a 105% increase YOY and down a mere 6% sequentially. For FY 12 I'm at $56 (+102%)
Be aware  - The last time I made yearly predictions like this, in my commentary, my feeling was that I was being very aggressive..  well I got the MACs and iPads right on, but missed to the downside on everything else. Especially iPhones, revenue, and EPS.  Its here, if you want to check it out.  

I will update my estimates and post the final numbers before I ship them off to PED for the quarterly smack down.

Dennis Hildebrand

Monday, February 13, 2012

Some great information for Cancer patients

I'd like to take a brief time out from Apple talk to send those that are interested in some great information about cancer recovery or people that are engaged in any type of cancer battle.  This is from David Haas, he is a fellow blogger that has contacted me, and asked if I would publish some of his great stuff.  I checked it out, and this guy definitely has some good information..

Please check it out

Why exercise is important for cancer patients

You will find more links to his various blogs on this page


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apple's Blowout Q1 - How I did

This is what I sent into (PED)

   Dennis prediction                 Actual
iPhones - 34m       37.04m -  missed by 3million - (killed me)                                                                    
iPads - 15m           15.4m   -  missed by 400k
iPods - 15m           15m      - dead nuts
Macs - 5.25m         5.2m    - missed by 50k
Rev - 43.36b          46.33b  - missed by 3b! (iPhones)
EPS - 11.59          13.87    - missed by $2.28 (iPhones and GM)

GM - 42.3%           44.7% - missed by 2.4%  

My iPhone estimates missed by 3 million and change, which of course is why I missed the revenue by 3 billion.  Also, my gross margin was off by a couple of percentage points which really affected the accuracy of my EPS number.  My iPads / iPods / and MAC numbers were VERY close.  In fact, I hit the iPod number right on the money - Last time that I happened I saw my name on CNBC..

This was really an amazing quarter - I really thought my iPhone number was going to be close..  It just goes to show how true it is that Apple is the true master of pent up demand.  I like what Tim Cook says about Apple's iCloud being a strategy, as opposed to just posting a number.

For me - Apple's cloud has changed my life for the better.  The auto synch and back up has convinced me that I need look nowhere else for my digital needs.  I like things that make my life simple - not complicated.

These numbers are proof in the pudding that this strategy for the Apple eco-system is just going to grow and grow and grow.  iCloud in China?  with 300 million users.. my gosh.. imagine the sheer volume of IOS devices over there, and we are just in the beginning stages of this thing.

Congratulations to all Apple users and investors