Random Thoughts

Hello Folks,

Welcome to my random thoughts page. If you are here, it's because you like my content, or you are as weird as me. I'm a thinker, sometimes I'm a doer as well, but I think about stuff all the time.

On this page I will talk about what's in my head and often I will cover current events and how they apply to my way of thinking.  What follows is my first random thought on this blog.

That's me by the way (on the right).  This is after I got unceremoniously downsized in 2007 from Vertis Communications after 23 years, I might add. Does anyone detect a resentment here?

Anyway - I had to revert back to my old pressman skills, and go to work as a press operator for about 6 months.  So here I am in full regalia, with my trusty toolbox and my buddy, as well as partner in crime - Steve.

Here is what I learned:

I call it reverse perspective.

I had not run a press for 10 years...  I was in management over at Vertis for those 10 years, trying to organize, motivate, execute, make plan / profits, and keep every body safe at the same time.  I was a boss, and I forgot what it was like to be on the floor, in the trenches putting ink on paper, adding real value to raw materials.

In other words -
Making real money for the company, producing something that can be sold, with my expertise and leadership.

So there was a guy there, at my new job, that was my boss - that was a complete jackass, and I thought:

Hmm...  I wonder if I ever made anybody feel that way?  I wonder if - when I was the big bossman over at Vertis if I ever forgot where I came from?

Well the answer is.. Of course I did, and that reverse perspective that I gained at this establishment - Signature Graphics in Portland - has been like gold to me now that I'm back managing people again.

I have completely changed my management style, and I can honestly say that I am the opposite of what I was at Vertis, as far as style.  I'm getting far better results as well, and I'm not stressed every day.

Where would I be had I not gained that reverse perspective?  Maybe getting canned at Vertis really was the best thing to ever happen to me.  I am happier, now I need to let the resentment go..  I mean really let it go!

I'll talk about resentments in my next post, I just got inspired.. I have a perspective on this as well..

Dennis   6/12/2010  2:05 am