Oregon Ducks / Pac 10 Football


This is my first entry on this page.  I had big plans on keeping this page updated, and I really blew it because this was an incredible year to initiate dialogue on my Ducks.

When I started this blog back in May 2010, I never would have dreamed that the Ducks would be playing in the Nat'l Championship game.

Every week was exciting.  The cardiac Ducks usually got off to a slow start, then plastered their opponents in the 2nd half.

Games that stood out:

  • Tennessee - LaMicheal's amazing reverse field 60 yd run from scrimmage was highlighted on ESPN all year long.
  • Stanford - Oregon comes all the way back from a 21 - 3 first half deficit.
  • USC -  This was in LA, and nationally televised.  Oregon pounded the Trojans into submission. The men of Troy made jack-asses of themselves and had no answer for the Ducks onslaught.
The Ducks garnered national attention all year long, and even with the loss in the championship, people are still talking about their amazing season. Chip Kelly also is getting headlines for his innovation, and his cockiness in press conferences.

The people in the state of Oregon, and especially in Portland came unhinged with this phenomenon.  I was one of them.

The future is bright.  The recruiting will be better than ever.  The Ducks will do this again next year.  I'm saying the Ducks will win the Pac 12, and finish the season in the top 5, and they have a great chance in getting back to the Championship game.