Friday, June 11, 2010

New iPhone reveals what's in store for next iPad iteration

Hello Folks,

Just think about it. The iphone now has a front facing camera with "Face Time" for Jetson's like face to face communicating. What is the obvious next step? Bring it to a bigger screen - Of Course!

Expect all of the resolution upgrades that the iPhone got to be passed on to the iPad as well. I was first thinking that the next iteration would happen at WWDC 2011, but now I'm thinking that they need to accelerate this thing to January / February 2011 to offset the excitement behind the Android tablets..

Many analysts have upgraded price targets for the stock, ranging anywhere from 325 - 360 a share. I definitely agree, especially with the iPhone exploding in international markets - Japan in particular - as the picture at below illustrates - iPhone freaks lined up for miles in Tokyo.

Right now, I'm wondering if my iPhone estimates are too conservative. I'm predicting 130% growth year over year - YIKES stay tuned..

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