Sunday, June 6, 2010

Apple June Quarter update

Hello Folks,

This is my first blog entry in what will eventually be many... Just wanted to put my revenue numbers up and on record. Here it is..

iPods - 10.1 million
iPhones - 12.08 million
iPads - 3.45 million
Macs - 3.4 million
EPS - $3.76
Revenue - 15.57 Billion
Gross Margin - 40.50%

This is going to be an absolute blow-out quarter, the iPad IS really everything Jobs said it would be - I can't wait to see the next generation which will probably be WWDC 2011.

I'm hoping for some exciting announcements tomorrow.. What I would really like to hear is that Apple will open up iPhones to a couple more carriers in the US.
Talk about an explosion when that happens! - More insights to come..

Dennis - 6/6/2010

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