Friday, March 7, 2014

Greetings folks!

I think I need to rename this blog to "after AAPL". But I won't do that because I rather like the name Apple's Gold, and it is Apple that has given me the seed money to spread out my investments. I still do not own AAPL and quite frankly I don't see myself ever getting back in. It's unfair that AAPL gets pummeled for making so much money and being so profitable, but life is just that way sometimes isn't it?  Unfair. Not to worry, there are some good plays out there, and here's a few of my favorites, I'll name 3.  2 Canadian stocks and 1 USA.  All high flyers..

ECA - today's close = $20.07
SWIR - today's close = $22.90
MANH - today's close = $39.21 (recently split 4/1)

Mutual funds (too many to list) maybe later
Also ETF's same thing too many.

But I'm excited about the 3 stocks listed above..  Do your own due diligence and let me know what you think.

On Apple:  remember all that talk years ago about the law of large numbers?  Many of us were in denial that the growth would abate, but that's exactly what happened isn't it?  I'm one of those that were in that camp by the way...I was convinced that AAPL would be at 1200 / share by now, but not to be, not to's been hanging around 530's with a PE of 13. And since the crash in 2012... (Forevermore known on this blog as "the great crash of 2012)  it's been ugly. AAPL stock just teases people and really does nothing. I do not see AAPL eclipsing 600 this year, and if the iPhone 6 is not a knock it out of the park hit, I see more hovering in the 500's.  The ONLY thing that will push this stock higher is a watch and a TV. It will take both, and they both must be runaway hits. Worse, if they launch any new products and they don't achieve Jobsian flair and hoopla which equates to off the charts sales... Then the only thing I see is Tank....
And look at Google!  Flying at 1214 and a 31 PE.  And look at Amazon with its 630 PE!!! WTH!

Ha ha, it's all good, I'm very excited about SWIR and the internet of everything. Also Encana, just watch this oil and gas play turn around.
More to come...


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