Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update - Apple trends - climbing mountains and kidney cancer

Hi Folks,

Wow.. much has happened - my life is just so full of drama -

I'm working on my aapl numbers now for Q4 - it's really looking good. Today the stock closed at a new high again. I believe that this will be another routine blow out quarter, but this time aapl will be propelled to over 300 a share by years end. The iphone 4 antennae fiasco and over arching economic forces held our beloved shares at bay this quarter.

This will not be true for the Q4 report and the holiday season. All categories will fly off the shelves, (with media frenzy firmly intact) and then in 2011 Apple will be propelled by iPad upgrades, and the long awaited announcement by Jobs to open up the iPhone to other vendors in the US. I actually believe T Mobile will be first.

Additionally, stay tuned for my posting of - what I believe - is going to be a 30% stock market roar upwards in 2011. This will be driven by the historical trend of "The year before the election year". This is a fascinating phenomenon that has held true for many decades.. I've got to pull out some old stuff but believe me - it's interesting. Here's the deal:

If this trend holds true, and I believe that it will, then apple will explode, and I predict that aapl will see 380 by end of 2011.

More to come -

About me.. I've recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer, and am scheduled to have my kidney yanked out on Wednesday September 22nd. Wow.. crazy - we luckily caught it early, and I will blog about the entire experience on one of my other links.. My prognosis is excellent, and the cancer is contained within my kidney.. while I recover, I'll have plenty of time to blog..

Above is a recent pic of me way high up on MT Hood - I'll be climbing this mountain again after I recover..


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