Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Q1 2011 projection

Revenue - $27,800,000,000
EPS - $6.61
iPhone unit sales - 18,350,000
iPod unit sales - 18,900,000
Mac unit sales - 4,468,000
iPad unit sales - 7,250,000
Gross margin percentage - 38.5%

What a quarter for Apple! How long will this go on? I'm saying Apple will surpass 100 billion in FY 2011. That's 10 billion more than my earlier post. I say this because I believe the iPad is going to explode even more than what I earlier stated. RIMM's tablet won't compete, but Android will, Windows eventually might, but will be very late to the party..

Also - with Verizon (unsubstantiated) going all in with the iPhone, it will propel Apple's revenue over the 100 billion mark.. See you on the 18th of January.

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  1. Dennis:

    I'm also forecasting Apple's revenue will exceed $100 billion this fiscal year. I maintain a slightly conservative bias in my current forecasts and already have a revenue estimate exceeding $105 billion for the fiscal year.

    I expect to move my fiscal year revenue forecast a bit north following the release of Apple's December quarter numbers on Tuesday.